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Tribute to Ian David Hopkins

My friend Ian Hopkins took his life recently after an extended battle with depression. I spent a long night before his funeral looking through old films and produced a brief photo story as a tribute. I've made it available here for friends and family to download and view.

A copy has been placed on YouTube for immediate viewing below. It is often best on YouTube to pause playback at the beginning and let it load for a minute or so, in order to avoid unwanted stops and starts.

The music used includes a song titled Greenfields; written and performed by Luke Hurley and recorded as the title track of an audio tape that Ian and I produced for the "Fun & Frets" tour we staged in the early 90s featuring Luke, Dave Murphy and Alex Staines. Ian and I listened to Greenfields over and over again on our travels, wearing out more than one unsold copy of the tape.

All of the photos but one were taken by me over many years. The section where Greenfields begins takes place at Autumn Farm in Golden Bay. We were both at crossroads in our lives... a place Dave just happened to be singing about on the flipside of the same tape.

I'll miss you Ian.